Every day the staff at Clinical Pain Advisor browses the Web for stories on chronic pain, acute pain, low back pain, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia and other painful health conditions that readers might have missed the day before and lists some of their favorite articles in a daily column to provide clinicians with a resource they can check first thing in the morning.

“First marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas area opening Monday” — Nevada voters actually approved medical marijauana in 2000. Up until now, however, Las Vegas residents haven’t been able to purchase the drug from a local marijuana dispensary. Clark County’s first retail dispensary plans to open to the public Monday, according to the Last Vegas Sun.

“Men more likely to die from high-dose opioid use for chronic pain: study “The Canadian Press published a story on a study that revealed that men prescribed opioids are more likely to die from high-dose opioid use for chronic pain. The study found that over time one in 45 men increased dosage to more than 200 milligrams of morphine or its equivalent.

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“Sitting can be a real pain sometimes” — Can sitting down cause more back pain? Philly.com published a report on how improper sitting habits can place tremendous pressure on the following: dics, ligaments, joints and muscles. According to the article, this leaves many Americans feeling helpless — since many of them sit for work.

“The great American heroin emergency” — The editorial board of The Washington Post believes the federal government alone won’t be able to solve the country’s heroin problem. What else could the White House do to curb heroin-related deaths? 

“Methadone treatment for opioid addiction coming to Utica” — New Yorkers in Utica will soon be able to find a methadone treatment program locally for residents addicted to opioids, according to the The Observer-Dispatch.

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