History of Abuse Linked to Greater Pain Severity, Fibromyalgia, Depression and Anxiety

Patients with a history of abuse either in childhood or adulthood have been found to display higher levels of depression, anxiety, pain severity and catastrophizing, as well as reduced physical functioning; in addition, those patients have higher scores on the fibromyalgia survey used to measure “fibromyalgia-ness” than those without a history of abuse.

Pre-Surgery Catastrophizing Strongly Associated With Post-Operative Outcomes

Pain has been shown to be the most frequent complaint in the hours following surgery1, however, 10-50% of patients report post-surgical pain for up to two months following surgery2. Numerous evidence indicate associations between a psychosocial factor, pre-surgery emotional stress and key post-surgical pain outcomes, including pain intensity, analgesic use and functional impairment. However, the…

New Factors to Measure Pain Catastrophizing

🎥 The long-established ‘Pain Catastrophizing Scale’ takes magnification, rumination and helplessness into account. Researchers at the University of Alabama considered additional measures of negative cognition associated with pain to reach a ‘global catastrophizing measure’.

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