APS 2016

Big Data to Address Chronic Pain

🎥 Dr James Campbell’s team is developing safe, non-addictive and effective therapies to treat chronic pain using a big data approach, and focusing on osteoarthritis, chronic low back pain and headache.

New Factors to Measure Pain Catastrophizing

🎥 The long-established ‘Pain Catastrophizing Scale’ takes magnification, rumination and helplessness into account. Researchers at the University of Alabama considered additional measures of negative cognition associated with pain to reach a ‘global catastrophizing measure’.

Critical Value of Psychosocial Care in Chronic Pain Management

🎥 University of Alabama researchers use a psychosocial approach to the management of pain, by instructing patients to leverage their thoughts and feelings to improve their pain experience, and by establishing a relationship of trust between the patient and their healthcare provider.

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