AMA Outlines Top Four Issues to Promote in State Legislation

HealthDay News — The top four issues that will be promoted in state legislation in 2016 were discussed at the 2016 American Medical Association (AMA) State Legislative Strategy Conference, according to a report published by the AMA.

Medical association leaders recently met and discussed the most imperative state legislative and regulatory priorities. These include ensuring physician-led team-based care, with states considering AMA model state legislation that encourages flexible, innovative health care teams under a framework of physician leadership. Several models are available to help physician practices move toward team-based care.

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Other priorities include improving patient health, with state and national medical specialty societies planning to expand efforts in order to advance legislation to promote patient health. 

They also want to focus on reducing prescription drug abuse and overdose; legislation is being considered on use of prescription drug monitoring programs, and efforts are being made to expand access to naloxone and other overdose and abuse prevention efforts. 

The fourth priority was identified as managed care and payer issues, building on efforts that passed reforms and educated lawmakers in this area in 2015. 

Medical associations and societies are expected to focus on network adequacy legislation and pursuing legislative changes to prior authorization.

“Other issues physicians will be taking to their state lawmakers this year include medical liability reform, Medicaid reform, and the legislative and regulatory environments for telemedicine and telehealth,” according to the article.


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