The Refill: Will Ultrasound Use For Interventional Pain Procedures Become More Common?

CPA: How do you market your practice?

DR: Internet presence, lectures, podcasts and most importantly treating each patient properly.  A satisfied patient is the best advocate for a medical practice.

CPA: What other revenue sources are you investigating in order to offset the drop in reimbursements?

DR: We are not diverting from our goals of providing quality healthcare. We are seeking out like minded clinicians for partnerships in hopes to strengthen our collective voices.

CPA: How has your opioid prescribing habits changed?

DR: I typically do not use opiates as first line therapies in my pain patients. With the institution of New York states prescription drug registry and urine screens, I feel more comfortable that my patients are taking medications as prescribed.

CPA: Do you believe that Medicare and workers compensation guidelines are truly in the best interest of the patient?

DR: I feel that Medicare and workmans comp guidelines are designed to provide coverage for the masses. They have guidelines that are often based on medical studies, but unfortunately, do not focus on the Individual in pain.  I try to look at all of my patients as individuals.Two patients with the same exact problem may respond to two separate treatment plans. It is hard to fit all patients into one mold.

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