Residents Consider Geographic Location Important for Future Practice

HealthDay News — For residents, the most important element in a future practice is geographic location, with lifestyle, adequate call hours and personal time, and a good financial package also cited as being important, according to the American Medical Association (AMA).

As part of a national survey, more than 1,000 residents answered questions relating to what they want in a future practice. A total of 24,000 residents were sent the Meritt Hawkins survey by e-mail, and 1,208 responses were received (5%). Residents ranked nine elements in order of importance.

According to the respondents, the most important element in a future practice is geographic location (69%), followed by lifestyle (61%), and adequate call hours and personal time (60%).

A good financial package was important for 58% of respondents, while 48% wanted proximity to family and good medical facilities/equipment.

Specialty support, educational loan forgiveness, and low malpractice area were important for 32%, 19%, and 18% of residents, respectively.

According to the report authors, residents “have a specific location in mind for their first practice option,” and “this preference may override more practical considerations.”

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