Mayo Clinic Establishes Model to Help Battle Burnout

HealthDay News — In an effort to reduce burnout among physicians, the Mayo Clinic is initiating a model to raise camaraderie and increase collaboration, according to a report published by the American Medical Association (AMA).

A model has been developed that focuses on physician engagement as a strategy to reduce burnout and involve physicians in their organizations’ mission. The model established a formal forum to listen to physicians, where they discussed top pain points in a psychologically safe setting.

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The Listen-Act-Develop model considers three factors that physicians need to flourish: choice, social connectedness, and excellence. Physicians want to have some control over their lives; flexibility and control should be increased for physicians by treating them as architects in the design of their care delivery models. Taking the time to socialize with team members and colleagues can improve psychological well-being and foster collaboration. Finally, organization leaders should establish constructive relationships with physicians and create partnerships to meet the needs of patients.

“Response [from physicians] was positive and hopeful,” said Stephen Swenson, MD, medical director of the Office of Leadership and Organization Development at the Mayo Clinic, according to the AMA. “It is critical, once expectations are raised with a survey or focus group, to really and authentically follow through. Otherwise, [it] could actually make the situation worse.”


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