A Book to Ease Worry About Surgery

Welwyn Ardsley and the Cosmic Ninjas are on a quest to help you ease your pediatric patients' fears of surgery.

I am happy this week to share that I have published a book, entitled: Welwyn Ardsley and the Cosmic Ninjas: Preparing Your Child and Yourself for Anesthesia and Surgery. 

Just like the title implies, I designed this story to ease the fears of young children who are scheduled to undergo a hospital procedure by introducing them to Welwyn Ardsley. 

In the story, young Welwyn is injured but as he becomes familiar with some of the equipment that will be used during his surgery, his imagination takes over. 

Welwyn’s anesthesia mask is transformed, via his imagination, into a pilot’s mask and he becomes a superhero that sets out on a mission to save his sister’s teddy bear from bad germs.

The story also features an essay for parents, and an atlas of equipment used in a hospital setting to get both parent and child familiar with the hospital environment. 

Welwn Ardsley is currently available on Amazon.com. I encourage you to check it out.