Video: Are Concussions A Real Concern In Youth Soccer?

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the Clinical Pain Advisor take:

"In general, the health community has responded well to concussion management and in my experience kids are being held out of school and exercise more than is necessary -- kids should always stay out of contact sports until symptom free, but they should not be kept out of school or light exercise for more than a week (with only a few exceptions). This leads to increased amount of anxiety and depressed mood that just make the symptoms worse.

"With respect to the sports themselves, the one thing that has proved beneficial is education -- better heading technique, or tackling in football or checking in hockey and rule modification (e.g. limiting checking in youth hockey or maybe saying you can't head the ball until you're "X" years old). We should definitely try to avoid limiting sports participation for kids as it is crucial for many kids social, cognitive, and physical development (e.g. confidence, resilience, overcoming adversity/failure, being a good teammate, hand eye coordination, processing speed)."

-- Dr. Rejean Guerriero, Department of Neurology & Division of Epilepsy at Boston Children's Hospital.

In this video, 1999 World Cup Champions Cindy Parlow-Cone and Brandi Chastain reveal their concerns about young girls heading the ball in soccer. Are concussions in youth soccer a growing concern? How should these cases in particular be treated?

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