Unraveling the Mystery of Fibromyalgia

As corneal confocal microscopy is not readily available, ankle skin biopsy remains the recommended method of diagnosing SFPN. Samples taken during an office visit can be mailed to an accredited lab for testing.

“If skin biopsy reveals small fiber polyneuropathy, medical causes should be looked for because disease-modifying treatments, and even cures, may be available,” Dr. Oaklander advised, noting that symptoms may improve with management of underlying conditions, such as autoimmune disease, hepatitis, malignancy, diabetes, or prediabetes.

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For patients with fibromyalgia and diagnosed SFPN, medications such as serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), tricyclics, gabapentin, pregabalin, and duloxetine may be effective.1,

“If sodium channelopathy can be confirmed as a cause of fibromyalgia, new, more specific sodium channel blockers may be developed to treat fibromyalgia,” Dr. Martinez-Lavin pointed out.

Although the role of small fiber neuropathy in fibromyalgia is still not entirely clear, researchers are now beginning to unravel details about this complex condition. A demonstrable pathology has been found in about half of patients, and a cause is being actively pursued for the other half. Once causes are identified, better treatments often follow — all of which mean a brighter future for fibromyalgia patients.


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