Every day the staff at Clinical Pain Advisor browses the Web for stories on chronic pain, acute pain, low back pain, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia and other painful health conditions that readers might have missed the day before and lists some of their favorite articles in a daily column to provide clinicians with a resource they can check first thing in the morning.

“Oral contraceptives may improve inflammatory arthritis outcomes” — Women with inflammatory arthritis could potentially benefit from taking oral contraceptives, according to a study published in Arthritis Care and Research.

“Commentary: Confusion About Medical Marijuana And Chronic Pain “ — With medical marijuana on the rise, many of those in the medical community are continuing to learn how to effectively use the drug to treat certain painful conditions. Commentary in National Pain Report reviews how medical cannabis can be helpful to those patients suffering from chronic pain. 

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“New Insights On Vitamin D Deficiency In Patients With Chronic Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases” — Is there a connection between vitamin D deficiency and chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases (CIRD)? Published in Arthritis Research & Therapy, a study outline the impact of vitamin d deficiency in patients with CIRD.

“State by state, medical marijuana rules are all over the map” — States legalizing medical marijuana have been handling the issue in various ways. Philly.com led an investigation into the legalization of cannabis. 

“Prescription Opioid Epidemic and Infant Outcomes” — Can taking opioids during pregnancy increase the risk for neonatal abstinence? Medscape reviews a study that analyzed the data from more than 112,000 pregnant women. Out of the group, 28% had received at least one opioid prescription during pregnancy.

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