Does Concussion Impact Men, Women Differently?

It’s still unclear, however, why women show more symptoms in men. “In addition to our analysis, other research groups lead by Donna Broshek and Tracey Covassin have found that females endorse more symptoms at baseline and post-injury,” O’Conner noted. “It is too early to speculate why females endorse more symptoms without the proper research.”

“While the current study does not show a differential effect of concussion, we do not know whether there is a dose-response relationship,” she said. “Future research should investigate whether there is a differential effect of concussion across gender with increasing previous concussions.”

When it comes to protecting athletes, gender shouldn’t be a factor, O’Connor said. “The risk of concussion can be reduced by educating athletes, parents, and coaches on concussions and their risks. Additionally, athletes and coaches should emphasize proper body contact techniques to mitigate the risks associated with contact sports.”


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