So I waited. I kept my eyes and ears open for the right position. I listened to the growing concerns of friends and family that my job was making me miserable. I watched with interest as a midwife colleague — equally dissatisfied — interviewed first for a job with a practice that sounded awful and then eventually left for her dream position.

Right after she left, I decided it was time for me to find my own dream position. I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but I knew what it wasn’t. Fairly quickly, I found a position that seemed like a good fit. I knew it was the right one when after months of complacency, I was suddenly desperate to start anew.

More than three months later, I am about to end my tenure with my current practice and embark on a new journey. I’m excited, and also nervous, to start in my new position. I anticipate growing pains and discomfort as I settle into new routines and work with new people and new record-keeping systems. It isn’t easy to go from being an expert to a novice, and in many ways that’s exactly what I will be doing.  

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For anyone who is unhappy in his or her job, I offer this advice: don’t wait. Start looking today. But don’t run from one bad situation to another. The amount of paperwork involved in changing jobs as a mid-level practitioner is staggering, especially if you are moving your practice to another state. Rather, if you have the luxury of patience, polish your CV, wait until you find that position you must have, and then do everything you can to get that job.

This article originally appeared on Clinical Advisor