Steroid injections and local anesthetics may provide temporary, but not long-term, symptom relief. Evidence does not support the use of alcohol sclerosing injections for long-term relief.4

Surgical interventions

Although surgical nerve excision may provide pain relief for Morton’s neuroma, long-term subsequent paresthesiae and shoe limitations are common. In a 2008 study by Womack et that involved 120 patients, 50% had good or excellent outcomes, 10% had fair outcomes, and 40% reported poor outcomes.5

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As an alternative treatment, nerve decompression via endoscopy offers a minimally invasive option to address the pathology, while preserving nerve function.  In a 2010 study by Barrett et al, 95% of procedures performed in the third intermetatarsal space and 85% of those performed in the second intermetatarsal space had good-to-excellent outcomes for a 92% success rate.6

Data from 1979 study by Gauthier and colleagues that described decompressions performed on 304 neuromas indicated that 83% of outcomes were good, 14% fair, and 3% poor.7

Regardless of the intervention employed, the goal of treatment for Morton’s neuroma is consistent:  resolution of pain associated with this common and potentially debilitating condition.

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