HealthDay News — Patient-related determinants of care gaps have been identified in adolescents with chronic conditions; the findings were published online March 3 in Pediatrics.

Eva Goossens, PhD, RN, from the KU University of Leuven in Belgium, and colleagues conducted a systematic review to examine determinants of care gaps in young people with chronic conditions as they transition to adulthood. Ten publications that discussed care gaps in patients aged 10 to 25 years were reviewed. Using thematic analysis, determinants were categorized into 4 groups.

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The researchers identified 11 risk factors and 9 protective factors for care gaps, all of which were related to patient characteristics. Significant determinants of care gaps in adolescents with chronic conditions were demographics, disease-related characteristics, health care service use, and patient health behaviors and beliefs.

“This systematic review identified patient-related determinants of care gaps,” the authors wrote. “Unfortunately, the internal and external validity of the study findings are limited, warranting future prospective, multilevel studies that address remaining knowledge gaps.”


Goossens E, Bovijn L, Gewillig M, Budts W, Moons P. Predictors of Care Gaps in Adolescents With Complex Chronic Condition Transitioning to Adulthood. Pediatrics. 2016. doi:10.1542/peds.2015-2413.