Motive Knee, a Muscle Stimulation Device for Knee Pain Relief, Now Available

The Motive Knee, a muscle stimulation device for knee pain, has been made available by Motive Health, Inc.

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Motive Knee is an over-the-counter electrical muscle stimulator that continuously contracts the quadriceps muscles, strengthening them, and relieving knee pain associated with knee arthritis. The device is supplied with reusable therapy pads, a knee wrap, conductive gel, and a charging cable. Each reusable pad lasts for approximately 14 uses.

The device is indicated for use by adults aged 22 years and older. The recommended duration of treatment is 30 minutes per day. Using the MyMotive application, users can personalize therapy levels and monitor their progress. 

A clinical study ( Identifier: NCT04128618) evaluating the device in 156 patients with knee osteoarthritis showed that home-based neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapy led to clinically meaningful reductions in knee pain at 12 weeks. Improvements in mobility and functionality were also observed.

The Motive Knee device is contraindicated for use in patients who are pregnant, younger than 22 years of age, or in those with an implanted electronic device (eg, cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator). The device should not be placed over fresh surgical stitches, on freshly shaved skin, or across the chest, head, or mouth.

Motive Knee is available without a prescription on Motive Health’s website with prices starting at $399 for a complete therapy system. 

“The direct-to-consumer launch of Motive Health is an exciting time not only for the company but for consumers who can now have access to lasting knee pain relief from home,” added Rob Morocco, President and CEO of Motive Health. “Our technology is a game changer for anyone trying to get back to an active lifestyle that is limited by debilitating knee pain. We are delighted to make Motive Knee accessible to those in need through our new e-commerce platform.”

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