• Cough and cold

Cough and cold:

Indications for BROMFED-DM:

Cough and nasal congestion.


10mL every 4 hrs.


<2yrs: individualize. 2–6yrs: 2.5mL. 6–12yrs: 5mL. Both every 4 hrs. Max 6 doses/24 hours.


Asthma. Lower respiratory disorders. Neonates. Premature infants. Severe hypertension or cardiovascular disease. Within 14 days of MAOIs. Nursing mothers.


Diabetes. History of bronchial asthma. Glaucoma. GI or GU obstruction. Hypertension. Cardiovascular disease. Thyroid disease. Pregnancy (Cat.C).

Pharmacologic Class:

Antihistamine + antitussive + sympathomimetic.


See Contraindications. Hypertensive crisis with MAOIs. Potentiates alcohol, other CNS depressants. β-blockers may increase pressor effects of sympathomimetics. Antagonizes antihypertensives.

Adverse Reactions:

Sedation, dizziness, anticholinergic effects, thickening of bronchial secretions; excitability in children.

How Supplied:

Liq—118mL, 473mL

Pricing for BROMFED-DM

2mg/30mg/10mg/5ml syrup (Qty: 120)
Appx. price $17