Opium Drug Slang/Code Words

Drug slang and code words are often used to describe controlled substances, designer drugs, and synthetic compounds, which may cause confusion for clinicians attempting to treat patients under the influence. In an effort to educate and support the healthcare community, Clinical Pain Advisor is providing this resource to help clinicians identify these ‘slang’ names for Opium compiled from law enforcement reports and other open sources by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Auntie Aunt Emma Big O
Black Black Russian (mixed with hashish) Chandoo
China Chinese Molasses Chinese Tobacco
Chocolate Cruz Dopium
Dover’s Powder Dream Gum Dream Stick
Dreams Easing Powder God’s Medicine
Goma Gondola Goric
Great Tobacco Gum Hocus
Hops Incense Joy Plant
Midnight Oil Opio Pen Yan
Pin Gon Pin Yen Pox
Skee Toxy Toys
When-Shee Zero