Marijuana Drug Slang/Code Words

Drug slang and code words are often used to describe controlled substances, designer drugs, and synthetic compounds, which may cause confusion for clinicians attempting to treat patients under the influence. In an effort to educate and support the healthcare community, Clinical Pain Advisor is providing this resource to help clinicians identify these ‘slang’ names for Marijuana compiled from law enforcement reports and other open sources by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

420 Acapulco Gold Acapulco Red
Ace African Black African Bush
Airplane Alfombra Alice B Toklas
All- Star Angola Animal Cookies (hydroponic)
Arizona Ashes Aunt Mary
Baby Bale Bambalachacha
Barbara Jean Bareta Bash
BC Budd Bernie Bhang
Big Pillows Biggy Black Bart
Black Gold Black Maria Blondie
Blue Cheese Blue Crush Blue Jeans
Blue Sage Blueberry Bobo Bush
Boo Boom Broccoli
Bud Budda Burritos Verdes
Bush Cabbage Cali
Canadian Black Catnip Cheeba
Chernobyl Cheese Chicago Black
Chicago Green Chippie Chistosa
Christmas Tree Chronic Churo
Cigars Citrol Cola
Colorado Cocktail Cookie (hydroponic) Cotorritos
Crazy Weed Creeper Bud Crippy
Crying Weed Culican Dank
Dew Diesel Dimba
Dinkie Dow Dirt Grass Ditch Weed
Dizz Djamba Dody
Dojo Domestic Donna Juana
Doobie Downtown Brown Drag Weed
Dro (hydroponic) Droski (hydroponic) Dry High
Endo Fine Stuff Fire
Flower Flower Tops Fluffy
Fuzzy Lady Gallito Garden
Gauge Gangster Ganja
Gash Gato Ghana
Gigi (hydroponic) Giggle Smoke Giggle Weed
Girl Scout Cookies (hydroponic) Gloria Gold
Gold Leaf Gold Star Gong
Good Giggles Gorilla Gorilla Glue
Grand Daddy Purp Grass Grasshopper
Green Green-Eyed Girl Green Eyes
Green Goblin Green Goddess Green Mercedes Benz
Green Paint Green Skunk Grenuda
Greta Guardada Gummy Bears
Gunga Hairy Ones Hash
Hawaiian Hay Hemp
Herb Hierba Holy Grail
Homegrown Hooch Humo
Hydro Indian Boy Indian Hay
Jamaican Gold Jamaican Red Jane
Jive Jolly Green Jon-Jem
Joy Smoke Juan Valdez Juanita
Jungle Juice Kaff Kali
Kaya KB Kentucky Blue
KGB Khalifa Hash
Kiff Killa Kilter
King Louie Kona Gold Kumba
Kush Laughing Grass Laughing Weed
Leaf Lechuga Lemon-Lime
Liamba Lime Pillows Little Green Friends
Little Smoke Loaf Lobo
Loco Weed Love Nuggets Love Weed
M.J. Machinery Macoña
Mafafa Magic Smoke Manhattan Silver
Maracachafa Maria Marimba
Mariquita Mary Ann Mary Jane
Mary Jones Mary Warner Mary Weaver
Matchbox Matraca Maui Wowie
Meg Method Mexican Brown
Mexican Green Mexican Red Mochie (hydroponic)
Moña Monte Moocah
Mootie Mora Morisqueta
Mostaza Mota Mother
Mowing the Lawn Muggie Narizona
Northern Lights O-Boy O.J.
Owl Paja Panama Cut
Panama Gold Panama Red Pakalolo
Palm Paloma Parsley
Pelosa Phoenix Pillow
Pine Platinum Cookies (hydroponic) Platinum Jack
Pocket Rocket Popcorn Pot
Pretendo Puff Purple Haze
Queen Ann’s Lace Ragweed Railroad Weed
Rainy Day Woman Rasta Weed Red Cross
Red Dirt Reefer Reggie
Repollo Righteous Bush Root
Rope Rosa Maria Salt & Pepper
Santa Marta Sasafras Sativa
Sinsemilla Shmagma Shora
Shrimp Shwag Skunk
Skywalker (hydroponic) Smoke Smoochy Woochy Poochy
Smoke Canada Spliff Stems
Stink Weed Sugar Weed Sweet Lucy
Tahoe (hydroponic) Tex-Mex Texas Tea
Tila Tims Tosca
Trees Tweeds Wacky Tobacky
Wake and Bake Weed Weed Tea
Wet (mixed with PCP) Wheat White-Haired Lady
Wooz Yellow Submarine Yen Pop
Yerba Yesca Young Girls
Zacate Zacatecas Zambi
Zoom (mixed with PCP)