Drug Slang Code Words

Drug slang and code words are often used to describe controlled substances, designer drugs, and synthetic compounds, which may cause confusion for clinicians attempting to treat patients under the influence. In an effort to educate and support the healthcare community, Clinical Pain Advisor is providing this resource to help clinicians identify these ‘slang’ names compiled from law enforcement reports and other open sources by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). 

To see the list of alternate names used for a specific drug, simply click on the drug name in the list below or use Ctrl+F to search a specific name.

Amphetamine | Cocaine | Crack Cocaine | Fentanyl and Fentanyl Derivatives | GHB | Heroin | Hydrocodone | Ketamine | Klonopin® (Clonazepam) | LSD | Marijuana | Marijuana Concentrates | MDMA | Mescaline | Methamphetamine | Mushrooms | Opium | Oxycodone | PCP | Percocet® (Acetaminophen and Oxycodone) | Peyote | Promethazine with Codeine | Ritalin® | Synthetic Cannabinoids | Synthetic Cathinones | Xanax


Amy Amps Bam
B-Bombs Beans Bennies
Benz Black and Whites Black Beauties
Black Birds Black Bombers Black Mollies
Blacks Blue Boys Bombita
Brain Ticklers Brownies Bumblebees
Cartwheels Chalk Chicken Powder
Chochos Christina Chunk
Co-Pilot Coasts to Coasts Crisscross
Cross Roads Cross Tops Debs
Dexies Diablos Diamonds
Diet Pills Dolls Dominoes
Double Cross Drivers Fives
Footballs French Blues Goofballs
Greenies Head Drugs Hearts
Horse Heads In-Between Jelly Babies
Jelly Beans Jolly Beans Jugs
Leapers Lid Poppers Lightening
Little Bombs Marathons Mini Beans
Mini Bennies Morning Shot Nuggets
Oranges Pastillas Peaches
Pep Pills Pink Hearts Pixies
Pollutants Purple Hearts Rhythm
Rippers Road Dope Roses
Rueda Snaps Snow Pallets
Sparkle Plenty Sparklers Speed
Splash Sweeties Sweets
Tens Thrusters TR-6s
Truck Drivers Turnabouts Uppers
Wake Ups West Coast Turnarounds Wheels
Whiffle Dust White Crosses Whites


777 A-1 All-American Drug
Angel Powder Angie Animals
Audi Aunt Nora Azucar
Baby Powder Barrato Basuco
Bazooka Beach Belushi (mixed with heroin)
Bernie’s Flakes Bernie’s Gold Dust Big Bloke
Big C Big Flake Big Rush
Billie Hoke Bird Birdie Powder
Blanca Nieves Blanco Blast
Blizzard Blonde Blocks
Blow BMW Bobo
Bolitas Bolivian Marching Powder Bombita (mixed with heroin)
Bouncing Powder Brisa C-Dust
Caca Cadillac California Pancakes
Calves Candy Car
Carney Carrie Nation Cars
Case Cebolla Cecil
Cement Charlie Chevy
Cheyenne Chinos Chiva
Clear Kind Clear Tires Coca
Coca-Cola Cocazo Coconut
Coke Cola Colorado
Connie Cookie Crow
Crusty Treats Cuadro Death Valley
Designer Jeans Devil’s Dandruff Diente
Dienton Dona Blanca Double Bubble
Dove Dream Dulces
Duracell Dust Escama
Escorpino Falopa Fish (liquid cocaine)
Flake Flea Market Jeans Florida Snow
Flour Food Foolish Powder
Fox Freeze Friskie Powder
Frula Gabacho Galaxy
Gallos Gato Gift of the Sun
Gin Girl Girlfriend
Glad Stuff Gold Dust Green Gold
Gringa Grout Gueros
Guitar Hamburger Happy Dust
Happy Powder Happy Trails Heaven
Heaven Dust Henry VIII Hooter
Hundai Hunter Icing
Inca Message Izzy Jam
Jeep Jelly John Deere
Joy Flakes Joy Powder Junk
King’s Habit Kordell Lady
Lady Snow Late Night Lavada
Leaf Line Loaf
Love Affair Maca Flour Mama Coca
Mandango Maradona Mayo
Melcocha Mercedes Milk
Milonga Mojo Mona Lisa
Mosquitos Movie Star Drug Mujer
Napkin Nieve Niña
Nose Candy Nose Powder Old Lady
Oyster Stew Paint Paloma
Palomos Pantalones Papas
Paradise Paradise White Parrot
Pearl Pedrito Perico
Peruvian Peruvian Flake Peruvian Lady
Pescado Pez Pillow
Pimp Pollo Polvo
Powder Powder Diamonds Puritain
Queso Blanco Racehorse Charlie Rambo
Refresco Refrescas Reindeer Dust
Rims Rocky Mountain Rolex
Rooster Scale Schmeck
Schoolboy Scorpion Scottie
Seed Serpico Sierra
Shirt Ski Equipment Sleigh Ride
Snow Snow Bird Snow Cone
Snow White Snowball Snowflake
Society High Soda Soditas
Soft Space (mixed with PCP) Speedball (mixed with heroin)
Stardust Star Spangled Powder Studio Fuel
Suave Sugar Superman
Sweet Stuff Talco Talquito
Tamales Taxi Tecate
Teenager Teeth Tequila
Thunder Tire Tonto
Toot Tortes Toyota
T-Shirts Turkey Tutti-Frutti
Vaquita Wash Wet
Whack (mixed with PCP) White White Bitch
White Cross White Girl White Goat
White Horse White Lady White Mercedes Benz
White Mosquito White Paint White Powder
White Root White Shirt White T
Whitey Whiz Bang Wings
Wooly Work Yayo
Yeyo Yoda Zip

Crack Cocaine

51s 151s 501s
Apple Jack Baby T Base
Baseball Bazooka Beam Me Up
Beautiful Boulders Beemer Bill Blass
Bings BJ Black Rock
Blowcaine Blowout Blue
Bobo Bolo Bomb
Bone Crusher Bone Boo-Boo
Boulder Boy Breakfast of Champions
Bubble Gum Bullion Bump
Candy Caps Casper the Ghost
Caviar CD Cheap Basing
Chewies Chingy Clicker
Climax Cloud Cloud Nine
Cookies Crib Crunch & Munch
Devil Devil Smoke Dice
Dime Special Dirty Basing Dirty Fentanyl (mixed with fentanyl)
Double Yoke Durin Eastside Player
Egg Eye Opener Famous Dimes
Fat Bags Fifty-One Fish Scales
Freebase French Fries Garbage Rock
Geek Glo Gold
Golf Ball Gravel Great White Hope
Grit Groceries Hail
Hamburger Helper Hard Hotcakes
Hubba Ice Ice Cubes
Issues Jelly Beans Johnson
Kangaroo Kokoma Kryptonite
Love Mixed Jive Moon Rock
Nickel Nuggets One-Fifty-One
Paste Pebbles Pee Wee
Piedras Pile Pony
Primo Quarters Raw
Ready Rock Red Caps RIP (Rest in Peace)
Roca Rock Rock Attack
Rocks of Hell Rocky III Rooster
Rox Roxanne Roz
Schoolcraft Scotty Scramble
Scruples Seven-Up Sherms
Sight Ball Slab Sleet
Smoke Speed Boat Square Time Bomb
Stone Sugar Block Takeover (mixed with fentanyl)
Teeth Tension Tissue
Top Gun Troop Ultimate
Uzi Wave White Ball
White Ghost White Sugar White Tornado
Wrecking Crew Yahoo Yale

Fentanyl and Fentanyl Derivatives

Apache Birria (mixed with heroin) Butter
China Girl China Town China White
Chinese Chinese Food Crazy
Crazy One Dance Fever Dragon
Dragon’s Breath Facebook (mixed with heroin in pill form) Fent
Fenty Fire Friend
Girl Goodfella Great Bear
He-Man Jackpot King Ivory
Lollipop Murder 8 Poison
Shoes Tango & Cash Toe Tag Dope
White Girl    


  • G
  • GEEB
  • Georgia Home Boy
  • Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Gina
  • Liquid E
  • Liquid X
  • Scoop


A-Bomb (mixed with marijuana) Achivia Adormidera
Antifreeze Aunt Hazel Avocado
Azucar Bad Seed Ballot
Basketball Basura Beast
Beyonce Big Bag Big H
Big Harry Bird Birdie Powder
Black Black Bitch Black Goat
Black Olives Black Paint Black Pearl
Black Sheep Black Tar Blanco
Blue Blow Dope Blue Hero
Bombita (mixed with cocaine) Bombs Away Bonita
Boy Bozo Brea Negra
Brick Gum Brown Brown Crystal
Brown Rhine Brown Sugar Bubble Gum
Burrito Caballo Caballo Negro
Caca Café Capital H
Carga Caro Cement
Chapopote Charlie Charlie Horse
Cheese Chicle Chiclosa
China China Cat China White
Chinese Food Chinese Red Chip
Chiva Chiva Blanca Chivones
Chocolate Chocolate Balls Choko
Chorizo Chutazo Coco
Coffee Comida Crown Crap
Curley Hair Dark Dark Girl
Dead on Arrival (DOA) Diesel Dirt
Dog Food Doggie Doojee
Dope Dorado Down
Downtown Dreck Dynamite
Dyno El Diablo Engines
Fairy Dust Flea Powder Foolish Powder
Galloping Horse Gamot Gato
George Smack Girl Golden Girl
Good & Plenty Good H Goma
Gorda Gras Grasin
Gravy Gum H
H-Caps Hairy Hard Candy
Harry Hats Hazel
Heaven Dust Heavy Helen
Helicopter Hell Dust Henry
Hercules Hero Him
Hombre Horse Hot Dope
Hummers Jojee Joy Flakes
Joy Powder Junk Kabayo
Karachi Karate King’s Tickets
Lemonade Lenta Lifesaver
Manteca Marias Mayo
Mazpan Meal Menthol
Mexican Brown Mexican Horse Mexican Mud
Mexican Treat Modelo Negra Mojo
Mole Mongega Morena
Morenita Mortal Combat Motors
Mud Mujer Muzzle
Nanoo Negra Negra Tomasa
Negrita Nice and Easy Night
Noise Obama Old Steve
Pants Patty Peg
P-Funk Piezas Plata
Poison Polvo Poppy
Powder Prostituta Negra Puppy
Pure Rambo Red Chicken
Red Eagle Reindeer Dust Roofing Tar
Sack Salt Sand
Scag Scat Schmeck
Sheep Shirts Shoes
Skag Slime Smack
Smeck Snickers Speedball (mixed with cocaine)
Spider Blue Sticky Kind Stufa
Sugar Sweet Jesus Tan
Tar Tecata Tires
Tootsie Roll Tragic Magic Trees
Turtle Vidrio Whiskey
White White Boy White Girl
White Junk White Lady White Nurse
White Shirt White Stuff Wings
Witch Witch Hazel Zapapote


357s Bananas Dro
Fluff Hydro Tabs
Norco Vics Vikes


Blind Squid Cat Valium Green
Honey Oil Jet K
Keller Kelly’s Day K-Hold
K-Ways Special K Super Acid
Vitamin K    

Klonopin® (Clonazepam)

  • K
  • K-Pin
  • Pin
  • Super Valium


Aceite Acid Acido
Alice Angels in a Sky Animal
Backbreaker (mixed with strychnine) Barrel Bart Simpson
Battery Acid Beast Big D
Black Acid (mixed with PCP) Black Star Black Sunshine
Black Tabs Blotter Acid Blotter Cube
Blue Acid Blue Barrel Blue Chair
Blue Cheer Blue Heaven Blue Microdots
Blue Mist Blue Moon Blue Sky
Blue Star Blue Tabs Brown Bomber
Brown Dots California Sunshine Cherry Dome
Chief Chinese Dragons Coffee
Conductor Contact Lens Crackers
Crystal Tea Cupcakes Dental Floss
Dinosaurs Domes Dots
Double Dome El Cid Electric Kool Aid
Ellis Day Fields Flash
Flat Blues Ghost Golden Dragon
Golf Balls Goofy Gota
Grape Parfait Green Wedge Grey Shields
Hats Hawaiian Sunshine Hawk
Haze Headlights Heavenly Blue
Hits Instant Zen Jesus Christ Acid
Kaleidoscope Leary Lens
Lime Acid Live Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Mellow Yellow Mica Microdot
Mighty Quinn Mind Detergent Mother of God
Newspapers Orange Barrels Orange Cubes
Orange Haze Orange Micros Orange Wedges
Owsley Paper Acid Pearly Gates
Pellets Pink Blotters Pink Panthers
Pink Robots Pink Wedges Pink Witches
Pizza Potato Pure Love
Purple Barrels Purple Haze Purple Hearts
Purple Flats Recycle Royal Blues
Russian Sickles Sacrament Sandoz
Smears Spit & Die Square Dancing Tickets
Strawberry Fields Sugar Cubes Sugar Lumps
Sunshine Tabs Tacatosa
Tail Lights Teddy Bears Ticket
Uncle Sid Valley Dolls Vodka Acid
Wedding Bells Wedge White Dust
White Fluff White Lightening White Owsley
Window Glass Window Pane Yellow Dimples
Yellow Sunshine Zen  


420 Acapulco Gold Acapulco Red
Ace African Black African Bush
Airplane Alfombra Alice B Toklas
All- Star Angola Animal Cookies (hydroponic)
Arizona Ashes Aunt Mary
Baby Bale Bambalachacha
Barbara Jean Bareta Bash
BC Budd Bernie Bhang
Big Pillows Biggy Black Bart
Black Gold Black Maria Blondie
Blue Cheese Blue Crush Blue Jeans
Blue Sage Blueberry Bobo Bush
Boo Boom Broccoli
Bud Budda Burritos Verdes
Bush Cabbage Cali
Canadian Black Catnip Cheeba
Chernobyl Cheese Chicago Black
Chicago Green Chippie Chistosa
Christmas Tree Chronic Churo
Cigars Citrol Cola
Colorado Cocktail Cookie (hydroponic) Cotorritos
Crazy Weed Creeper Bud Crippy
Crying Weed Culican Dank
Dew Diesel Dimba
Dinkie Dow Dirt Grass Ditch Weed
Dizz Djamba Dody
Dojo Domestic Donna Juana
Doobie Downtown Brown Drag Weed
Dro (hydroponic) Droski (hydroponic) Dry High
Endo Fine Stuff Fire
Flower Flower Tops Fluffy
Fuzzy Lady Gallito Garden
Gauge Gangster Ganja
Gash Gato Ghana
Gigi (hydroponic) Giggle Smoke Giggle Weed
Girl Scout Cookies (hydroponic) Gloria Gold
Gold Leaf Gold Star Gong
Good Giggles Gorilla Gorilla Glue
Grand Daddy Purp Grass Grasshopper
Green Green-Eyed Girl Green Eyes
Green Goblin Green Goddess Green Mercedes Benz
Green Paint Green Skunk Grenuda
Greta Guardada Gummy Bears
Gunga Hairy Ones Hash
Hawaiian Hay Hemp
Herb Hierba Holy Grail
Homegrown Hooch Humo
Hydro Indian Boy Indian Hay
Jamaican Gold Jamaican Red Jane
Jive Jolly Green Jon-Jem
Joy Smoke Juan Valdez Juanita
Jungle Juice Kaff Kali
Kaya KB Kentucky Blue
KGB Khalifa Hash
Kiff Killa Kilter
King Louie Kona Gold Kumba
Kush Laughing Grass Laughing Weed
Leaf Lechuga Lemon-Lime
Liamba Lime Pillows Little Green Friends
Little Smoke Loaf Lobo
Loco Weed Love Nuggets Love Weed
M.J. Machinery Macoña
Mafafa Magic Smoke Manhattan Silver
Maracachafa Maria Marimba
Mariquita Mary Ann Mary Jane
Mary Jones Mary Warner Mary Weaver
Matchbox Matraca Maui Wowie
Meg Method Mexican Brown
Mexican Green Mexican Red Mochie (hydroponic)
Moña Monte Moocah
Mootie Mora Morisqueta
Mostaza Mota Mother
Mowing the Lawn Muggie Narizona
Northern Lights O-Boy O.J.
Owl Paja Panama Cut
Panama Gold Panama Red Pakalolo
Palm Paloma Parsley
Pelosa Phoenix Pillow
Pine Platinum Cookies (hydroponic) Platinum Jack
Pocket Rocket Popcorn Pot
Pretendo Puff Purple Haze
Queen Ann’s Lace Ragweed Railroad Weed
Rainy Day Woman Rasta Weed Red Cross
Red Dirt Reefer Reggie
Repollo Righteous Bush Root
Rope Rosa Maria Salt & Pepper
Santa Marta Sasafras Sativa
Sinsemilla Shmagma Shora
Shrimp Shwag Skunk
Skywalker (hydroponic) Smoke Smoochy Woochy Poochy
Smoke Canada Spliff Stems
Stink Weed Sugar Weed Sweet Lucy
Tahoe (hydroponic) Tex-Mex Texas Tea
Tila Tims Tosca
Trees Tweeds Wacky Tobacky
Wake and Bake Weed Weed Tea
Wet (mixed with PCP) Wheat White-Haired Lady
Wooz Yellow Submarine Yen Pop
Yerba Yesca Young Girls
Zacate Zacatecas Zambi
Zoom (mixed with PCP)    

Marijuana Concentrates

246 BHO Badder
Budder Butter Dabs
Ear Wax Errl Honey Oil
SAP Shatter Wax


Adam Baby Slits Bean
Blue Kisses Booty Juice (dissolved in liquid) Candy
Chocolate Chips Clarity Dancing Shoes
Decadence Doctor Domex (mixed with PCP)
E E-Bomb Ecstasy
Essence Eve Kleenex
Love Doctor Love Drug Love Potion #9
Love Trip (mixed with mescaline) Molly Moon Rock
Roll Rolling Running
Scooby Snacks Skittle Slits
Smartees Speed for Lovers Sweets
Vitamin E X XTC


Big Chief Blue Caps Buttons
Cactus Media Luna Mescal
Mezcakuba Moon San Pedro


Accordion Aqua Batu
Blue Blue Bell Ice Cream Beers
Bottles Bud Light Cajitas
Chalk Chavalones Chicken
Chicken Powder Christine Christy
Clear Clothing Cleaner Colorado Rockies
Crank Cream Cri-Cri
Crink Crisco Crypto
Crystal Cuadros Day
El Gata Diablo Evil Sister Eye Glasses
Fire Fizz Flowers
Food Frio G-Funk
Gifts Girls Glass
Go-Fast Groceries Hard Ones
Hare Hawaiian Salt Hielo
Hot Ice Ice Ice Cream
Jug of Water L.A. Glass L.A. Ice
Lemons Lemon Drop Light
Light Beige Livianas Madera
Meth Mexican Crack Mexican Crank
Miss Girl Montura Motor
Muchacha Nails One Pot
Pantalones Peanut Butter Crank Piñata
Pointy Ones Pollito Popsicle
Purple Raspado Rims
Salt Shabu Shards
Shatter Shaved Ice Shiny Girl
Soap Dope Soft Ones Spicy Kind
Stove Top Stuff Super Ice
Table Tina Truck
Tupperware Ventanas Vidrio
Walking Zombie Water White
Windows Witches Teeth Yellow Barn
Yellow Kind Zip  


Alice Boomers Buttons
Caps Champiñones Hongos
Magic Mushies Pizza Toppings
Shrooms Tweezes  


Auntie Aunt Emma Big O
Black Black Russian (mixed with hashish) Chandoo
China Chinese Molasses Chinese Tobacco
Chocolate Cruz Dopium
Dover’s Powder Dream Gum Dream Stick
Dreams Easing Powder God’s Medicine
Goma Gondola Goric
Great Tobacco Gum Hocus
Hops Incense Joy Plant
Midnight Oil Opio Pen Yan
Pin Gon Pin Yen Pox
Skee Toxy Toys
When-Shee Zero  


  • 30s
  • 40s
  • Beans
  • Blues
  • Buttons
  • Greens
  • OC
  • Oxy
  • Whites


Ace Alien Sex Fiend (mixed with heroin) Amoeba
Angel Angel Dust Angel Hair
Angel Mist Angel Poke Animal Tranquilizer
Aurora Borealis Black Acid (mixed with LSD) Black Whack
Blue Madman Blue Star Boat
Busy Bee Butt Naked Cadillac
Cliffhanger Columbo Cozmos
Crazy Coke Crazy Eddie Cucuy
Cyclones Detroit Pink Dipper
Domex (mixed with MDMA) Dummy Dust Dust
Dust Joint Dust of Angels Elephant
Elephant Tranquilizer Embalming Fluid Energizer
Fake STP Flakes Goon
Gorilla Tab Gorilla Biscuits Green Leaves
Green Tea Heaven & Hell Hog
Horse Tracks Horse Tranquilizers Jet Fuel
Juice Kaps K-Blast
Killer Kools Leaky Leak
Lemon 714 Lethal Weapon Love Boat
Mad Dog Mad Man Magic Dust
Mean Green Mint Leaf Mint Weed
Mist Monkey Dust Monkey Tranquilizer
New Acid New Magic Orange Crystal
Ozone Paz Peace Pill
Peep Peter Pan Pig Killer
Puffy Purple Rain Red Devil
Rocket Fuel Rupture Scuffle
Sheets Sherms Shermstick
Space (mixed with cocaine) Spores Stardust
STP Super Grass Super Kools
Surfer Synthetic Cocaine Taking a Cruise
T-Buzz Tic Tac Tish
Trank Venom Wack (mixed with cocaine)
Water Wet White Horizon
Wobble Weed Wolf Worm
Yellow Fever Zombie Zoom (mixed with marijuana)

Percocet® (Acetaminophen and Oxycodone)

512s Bananas Blue
Blueberries Buttons Ercs
Greenies Hillbilly Heroin Kickers
M-30s Percs Rims
Tires Wheels  


Black Button Britton Button
Cactus Green Button Half Moon
Hikori Hikuli Hyatari
Nubs Seni Shaman

Promethazine with Codeine

  • Act
  • Drank
  • Lean
  • Purple
  • Purple Drank
  • Sizurup
  • Sizzurp
  • Syrup


  • Kibbles and Bits

Synthetic Cannabinoids

4-20 Abyss Ace of Spades
AK-47 Amnesia Atomic Blast
Big Bang Blaze Black Magic Smoke
Black Mamba Blaze Blue Cheese
Brain Freeze Buzz Haze Cherry Bomb
Chill Chrome Clockwork Orange
Cloud 10 Cowboy Kush Crystal Skull
Dead Man Devil’s Venom Dr. Feel Good
Dragon Eye Earth Blend Exodus
Extreme Fake Bake Fruit Candy Flavors
Funky Buddha Funky Monkey G-Force
GI Joe Green Dream Green Peace
Hammer Head Helix Hipster
Hysteria Ice Dragon Juicy Leaf
Jungle Juice Just Chill K2
Kaos Karma Kong
Krazy Kandy Kryp2nite Kush
Layer Cake Limitless Mad Hatter
Mile High Mystique Ninja
Odyssey OMG Pandora’s Box
Phoenix Pineapple Express Posh
Potpourri Pow Rapture
Red Magic Rewind Scooby Snax
Sexy Sky High Snake Bite
Spice Spike Diamond Storm
Sweet Leaf Synthetic Marijuana Time Traveler
Top Gear Train Wreck Ultimate
Viper Voodoo Child Wazabi
Wicked Wizard Xtreme
Zero Gravity Zombie  

Synthetic Cathinones

Bath Salts Bliss Bloom
Blow Blue Silk Cloud 9
Drone Energy-1 Explosion
Flakka (Alpha-PVP) Gravel (Alpha-PVP) Insect Repellant
Ivory Wave Jewelry Cleaner Lunar Wave
M-Cat Meow-Meow Ocean Burst
Phone Screen Cleaner Plant Food Pure Ivory
Purple Wave Recharge Red Dove
Scarface Snow Leopard Stardust
Vanilla Sky White Dove White Knight
White Lightening White Magic Zoom

Xanax® (Alprazolam)

Bars Bicycle Handle Bars Footballs
Hulk Ladders Planks
School Bus Sticks Xanies
Zanbars Zannies Z-Bars