Cocaine Drug Slang/Code Words

Drug slang and code words are often used to describe controlled substances, designer drugs, and synthetic compounds, which may cause confusion for clinicians attempting to treat patients under the influence. In an effort to educate and support the healthcare community, Clinical Pain Advisor is providing this resource to help clinicians identify these ‘slang’ names for Cocaine compiled from law enforcement reports and other open sources by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

777 A-1 All-American Drug
Angel Powder Angie Animals
Audi Aunt Nora Azucar
Baby Powder Barrato Basuco
Bazooka Beach Belushi (mixed with heroin)
Bernie’s Flakes Bernie’s Gold Dust Big Bloke
Big C Big Flake Big Rush
Billie Hoke Bird Birdie Powder
Blanca Nieves Blanco Blast
Blizzard Blonde Blocks
Blow BMW Bobo
Bolitas Bolivian Marching Powder Bombita (mixed with heroin)
Bouncing Powder Brisa C-Dust
Caca Cadillac California Pancakes
Calves Candy Car
Carney Carrie Nation Cars
Case Cebolla Cecil
Cement Charlie Chevy
Cheyenne Chinos Chiva
Clear Kind Clear Tires Coca
Coca-Cola Cocazo Coconut
Coke Cola Colorado
Connie Cookie Crow
Crusty Treats Cuadro Death Valley
Designer Jeans Devil’s Dandruff Diente
Dienton Dona Blanca Double Bubble
Dove Dream Dulces
Duracell Dust Escama
Escorpino Falopa Fish (liquid cocaine)
Flake Flea Market Jeans Florida Snow
Flour Food Foolish Powder
Fox Freeze Friskie Powder
Frula Gabacho Galaxy
Gallos Gato Gift of the Sun
Gin Girl Girlfriend
Glad Stuff Gold Dust Green Gold
Gringa Grout Gueros
Guitar Hamburger Happy Dust
Happy Powder Happy Trails Heaven
Heaven Dust Henry VIII Hooter
Hundai Hunter Icing
Inca Message Izzy Jam
Jeep Jelly John Deere
Joy Flakes Joy Powder Junk
King’s Habit Kordell Lady
Lady Snow Late Night Lavada
Leaf Line Loaf
Love Affair Maca Flour Mama Coca
Mandango Maradona Mayo
Melcocha Mercedes Milk
Milonga Mojo Mona Lisa
Mosquitos Movie Star Drug Mujer
Napkin Nieve Niña
Nose Candy Nose Powder Old Lady
Oyster Stew Paint Paloma
Palomos Pantalones Papas
Paradise Paradise White Parrot
Pearl Pedrito Perico
Peruvian Peruvian Flake Peruvian Lady
Pescado Pez Pillow
Pimp Pollo Polvo
Powder Powder Diamonds Puritain
Queso Blanco Racehorse Charlie Rambo
Refresco Refrescas Reindeer Dust
Rims Rocky Mountain Rolex
Rooster Scale Schmeck
Schoolboy Scorpion Scottie
Seed Serpico Sierra
Shirt Ski Equipment Sleigh Ride
Snow Snow Bird Snow Cone
Snow White Snowball Snowflake
Society High Soda Soditas
Soft Space (mixed with PCP) Speedball (mixed with heroin)
Stardust Star Spangled Powder Studio Fuel
Suave Sugar Superman
Sweet Stuff Talco Talquito
Tamales Taxi Tecate
Teenager Teeth Tequila
Thunder Tire Tonto
Toot Tortes Toyota
T-Shirts Turkey Tutti-Frutti
Vaquita Wash Wet
Whack (mixed with PCP) White White Bitch
White Cross White Girl White Goat
White Horse White Lady White Mercedes Benz
White Mosquito White Paint White Powder
White Root White Shirt White T
Whitey Whiz Bang Wings
Wooly Work Yayo
Yeyo Yoda Zip