Q&A: Chronic Pain Australia Exec Talks Chronic Pain, National Pain Week

In Australia, Chronic Pain Australia has initiated a campaign to encourage people living with pain to share their stories, highlighting what people do to manage their pain on a daily basis. We plan to grow this into a large community supporting the huge number of people living with chronic pain. The research is clear that social connection/ inclusion is helpful in reducing the inflammatory markers that are often associated with chronic pain.  This community driven campaign will gather momentum and over time will go some way to reducing the social isolation and stigma associated with living with chronic pain. It may even help people better manage their pain.

Medicines resulting from research at the molecular level into the potential of Australian animal venom.  Research is targeting specific pain processes in the periphery and it is reasonable to hope that such medicines will be very helpful for people living with pain.

CPA: What do you hope people will get out of National Pain Week 2015?

CW: Year by year the campaign is gaining momentum and more people are hearing about the reality of living with pain. We are confident that people are starting to better understand what can be done about chronic pain. This is leading to less social isolation and less distress for Australians living with chronic pain.