Is There A Link Between Chronic Pain And Obesity?

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the Clinical Pain Advisor take:

There are two serious public health concerns that can affect an individual's overall quality of life: obesity and pain. A group of researchers at the University of Utah reviewed the link between both conditions and published the findings in the Journal of Pain Research.

Pain complaints are common among obese individuals.The authors of the study took a look at the possible connection between obesity and pain in the general population and also in patients suffering from chronic pain. They also analyzed the possible mechanisms behind this association.

Researchers reported that several studies in women with fibromyalgia have shown a clear tendency for higher mean body-mass index (BMI) in this particular population. It was reported that when obesity co-occurs with chronic pain, patients suffering from these conditions may not see positive health consequences as a result.

Chronic pain can also cause weight gain, mainly due to overeating triggered by frustration of functional limitations. According to the study's authors, there are several potential mechanisms that could contribute to the link between obesity and pain: mechanical/structural factors; chemical mediators; depression, disturbed sleep; and sedentary lifestyle.

Weight lost could be seen as a therapeutic strategy for chronic pain. The study's authors note that growing evidence supports this reasoning. Obesity and pain are commorbities that negatively impact each other, the researchers found. These researchers suggest that the link between these two conditions is more likely mediated by several factors and mechanisms. To improve a patient's quality of life, the authors believe that weight loss in obese patients could be considered a relevant intervention for managing pain.

In the United States, rates of obesity continue to rise.
Pain complaints are common among obese individuals.
Researchers at the University of Utah recently published a study entitled "The association between chronic pain and obesity" reviewing the link between these two conditions. The review appeared in the Journal of Pain Research. Both obesity and pain are considered serious public health concerns that can affect overall quality of life.
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