Every day the staff at Clinical Pain Advisor browses the Web for stories on chronic pain, acute pain, low back pain, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia and other painful health conditions that readers might have missed the day before and lists some of their favorite articles in a daily column to provide clinicians with a resource they can check first thing in the morning.

“Minnesota considers medical marijuana for pain patients” — Minnesota’s state officials are facing a new question about medical marijuana: Should people with intractable pain be able to purchase it? The Associated Press outlines the facts.

“Gold ‘Nanorods’ Relieve Chronic Pain” — Kyoto University researchers have developed a new way to manage chronic pain that incorporates the use of tiny gold rods coated with lipoprotein.

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“Has Obama Neglected America’s Growing Opioid, Heroin Epidemic?” — One grassroots organization is fed up with the way the Obama administration has handled the country’s ever-growing opioid epidemic, and its members plan to hold rallies across the country in 40 various locations to protest the president’s drug abuse prevention policies. 

“Illinois issues first medical marijuana dispensary license” — Illinois just issued its first medical marijuana dispensary license, according to a report by WQAD.

“Functional Neurosurgeon Treating Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Dystonia and Chronic Pain With Neurosurgical Interventions Joins Drexel Neurosciences Institute” — Neurosurgeon James Barrese, MD, has joined Drexel Neurosciences Institute (DNI) and will provide services to patients at Aria Health and other DNI hospital affiliates.

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