Thanksgiving Meal Prep: 10 Ways Patients Can Avoid Burns

6. Keep a close eye on the fryer. Once the burner is on, keep the turkey fryer in full view at all times.

7. Protect yourself with your clothing. Cover all bare skin when dunking or removing the turkey. Never cook while wearing short sleeves, shorts, or in bare feet. Rather than potholders, protect your hands with long-sleeved oven mitts. Protect your eyes with goggles or glasses.

8. Do not use a hose in an attempt to douse a turkey fryer fire. Keep a fire extinguisher that can be used on oil fires close by, and know how to use it.

9. If you do get burned, seek medical attention. Do this immediately. 

10. Don’t drink while you’re cooking. “Intoxication and cooking injuries to adults are terrible, and often children are also victims and that is truly tragic,” Dr. Sanford said. If you are going to drink alcohol, do it responsibly during dinner, where you can safely relax.


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